Julian Moses

I’m Julian Moses, and I want you to learn new things. I try a lot of stuff out, and consistently experiment with ideas. You’ll get to see how I think the world is going (why you care, who knows, but maybe you can make fun of me for it), and about any cool stuff I’m paying attention to. A lot of these will be big ideas in the future, and you’ll learn about them first… A lot of them will also flop, but you’ll get commentary on those too!

Right now I’m building CoachRaise, a fundraising education business for College Athletic Departments.

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Right now most of what I think about are the ramifications of technology on our daily lives, and how it’s changing. Some ideas that have interested me recently are Bio-Technology, Metaverse, the business of Sports and general cool stuff.

Between 2014 and 2020 Volleyball was my life. I played at Lewis University outside Chicago and had the opportunity to be on the team for two final four appearances. During that time I studied Computer Science & Data Science, which was how I became interested in technology. That lead to me playing a year of professional Volleyball in Ibiza, Spain and three knee surgeries over the course of five years. The knees ultimately made me quit before beginning another professional season in Germany.

Like everyone else my age I love to travel. I’ve moved around quite a bit growing up, so travel and change is always on my mind. Currently I live in Berlin, Germany where I spent a few years growing up. I absolutely adore the city and am happy to be back.