Musings On Color

Crash, fast to slow

A few nights ago I watched a movie called Crash. It takes place in LA and connects the lives of several characters who seem to have no association. Throughout the film we see certain characters change from hate filled to loving and vice versa. It shows us that we are all reacting and doing what […]


Sunk Cost as a Tool

Sunk cost is an incurred and unrecoverable cost. This often leads the “spender” to continue investing in something, even though it is bringing little to no benefit. A common phrase that describes sunk cost, is throwing good money after bad. For example, buying a ticket and staying because you already spent the money. In this […]


twich and sports

Twitch is the leading streaming platform. In 2007 it began as a wild experiment by Justin Kan, Emmet Shear, Michael Seibel, and Kyle Vogt. Seibel is the CEO of Y-Combinator, Vogt went on to found Cruise. Twitch has the coolest origin story of any company I’ve ever heard of. The team wanted to get people […]

Sports Technology

Sports Broadcasting Technology

Within Sports, broadcasting has been the ultimate tool for success throughout the pandemic. Many competitions have come back to finish their seasons and broadcast games. The Champions League concluded with a tournament in isolation and currently the NBA playoffs are running in a bubble. Both events have been successful. Leagues understood the value of competing […]


Stop in Berlin

For the passed week I’ve been in my favorite city in the world, Berlin. I lived in the city between the ages 13 and 16, and recognize its impact on my life. It’s been great to see how it changes but always remains energetic. Berlin is magical. There are a few things that make it […]


Betting on Sport

Sports betting is one of the big issues in modern sport. It offers massive revenue for leagues, but can compromise the integrity of sport. In either case sports betting is coming and it’s coming quickly. The industry is currently valued at around $250 million dollars, and could see growth to 5 to 10 billion in […]