getting back into react

Last year about this time I decided I would learn React. I built something, got frustrated because the project wasn’t worth continuing… then stopped building. Why? I don’t know.

Last weekend I started building a SaaS solution for my company, CoachRaise. Here, you’ll get to read all my frustrations.

October 19 10:02 am

Trying to render an API call to the screen. Not working. Don’t know why. Posted on Reddit and these guys didn’t help.


My internet is terrible, can barely work. Still working on the same problem. To cure my boredom I’m reading the avalanche documentation. Maybe I’ll deploy an NFT project to Avalanche. Could be cool 🙂


Finally got a response from a discord I found. This is taking too long. i need to find a way to be more efficient.


Posted on StackOverflow and got an answer. didn’t ever return anything from my JSX. Basically the javascript didn’t know what data it was sending back to the html, and therefore didn’t send anything. Way too much time spent on that stupid question


After some distractions and a nap I got to building out custom pages for each profile. Really tough, since I’m using a different API strcuture. Keep getting these weird errors that tell me my account isn’t authenticated, but when I comment out all of the logic it lets me sign in.

Anyways I don’t feel too hot. Going to take a walk.

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