October 21

had fun documenting my development, so I’m going to do it again


Procrastinated/played with crypto. Unwillingly began to work. Booked a win off the bat. Couldn’t figure out a join yesterday, fresh eyes made a difference 🙂

Also listening to black sands by bonobo, super nice album.

Now, what do I build next? important question


Trying to build a dropdown where admins can select users to send messages to. Come across a snag. For some reason my request to Supabase isn’t going through…hmmm

hungry, gonna go cut an apple


comping on said apple right now, pretty juicy but wish I had some pb. Also realized I never initiated supabase… oopps

Pretty easy fix. I’m gonna go look out the window now


so that worked, now I’m struggling to get my dropdown to render. I built this utility class in a course I took and I’ve drag and dropped it successfully before, but now the computer is asking me to think… sucks


So computer asked me to think and I responded by completely changing how I did it. React-Hook-Forms to the rescue, don’t have to build my own dropdown menu. Would be fun, but would rather move fast here


Built another module over the last few hours. I have to say, this stack I’m using is amazing. I love Next.js, and Supabase. Supabase basically has made backend trivial and Next.js has made routing a non-issue. These are things that used to be massive struggles (backend) and timesinks (routing). Cool stuff!

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