Tired, Hurt and Driven

Today was brutal. A pitch that didn’t go the way we anticipated. A hire we wanted to make that shut the door. A demo that didn’t work. Sat in on way too many zoom calls. Told my idea wasn’t good enough.

Today was valuable. We learned what investors are looking for in a pitch. Found another person to contribute to our project. Learned about a bug in my prototype. Got to learn about what clients actually want. Told by someone I respect that they respect my drive.

Everyone tells you that trying to build something is going to hurt; but nothing prepares you for what you get to endure. It’s tough to remember that all of this is neither good nor bad; it just is. Some of it makes you feel worse and some of it makes you feel better. It’s up to you to decide what you listen to.

This is written with tired eyes, a battered ego and a driven mind.

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