Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet, like way too much. It’s taught me how to program, helped me narrow down what I aspire to be and informed many of the philosophies that have begun to shape me. While I’ve gained a lot from the internet I’ve found myself not being a great contributor to the web, and this is my opportunity to do so. Through 2020 I’ve committed to writing two blog posts per week, publishing one on Monday and one on Thursday. I am dedicating my posts on Thursday to writing about making things with technology, whether it be building with or without code. Mondays will be a bit more of a wildcard, without emphasis on any particular topic.

The idea behind this blog is to refine my writing and thinking skills. I’ve found that by writing I inherently examining my thinking. Most of the time I wind up deleting most of what I write just because it doesn’t convey my thoughts… or the more common situation, those thoughts just suck. I think this is why I’m really excited about this project, I can examine what’s going on in my mind and really see where my processes lack clarity. Plus through writing I can refine my communication processes, meaning that I can continue to build more skills that will translate into other arenas in my life

Another reason I’m working on this is to create a little bit of discomfort in my life, so that I can feel with even more assurance that no one really cares. I’ve always been quite reserved with what I put out there for everyone to see and this is a hurdle I’ve had to overcome even to get this far. I had to play some tricks against myself; like buying a domain and hosting (instead of using the free versions I already have), committing to a time frame and writing a few posts ahead of time.

Today, I’m finally opening my website/blog out to the public. Hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed getting it together and writing it. Enjoy!

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Great launch. Looking forward to your voice, your contribution to the Conversation among Human Beings.

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